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Weber Sets a Record: FOUR Consecutive Tournament Wins!


The name "Weber" has been synonymous with bowling since the 1950's, when Dick Weber - young, photogenic, personable - left his job as a mail carrier and began his journey to bowling stardom. That journey ended in 2005, when Dick Weber - by then arguably the most famous and most successful bowler of all time - died in his sleep at age 75. But the Weber name didn't die - far from it.

Dick Weber's son, Pete, now 54, was never a slouch at bowling. Indeed, his first game in his first adult league was a perfect 300. Since then, it's been a climb to heights exceeding those of even his legendary dad.

Now competing in the PBA50 ("senior") tour and the regular PBA ("the kids") tours, Pete Weber continues setting new records. This past season, he won four consecutive tournaments - the first professional bowler to accomplish this feat. He took a breather during the fifth tournament - managing a mere second place - then came back to win yet another PBA50 tournament. And he accomplished all of this while dealing with a nagging hip injury and arthritis in his back. All in all, Weber competed in nine PBA50 tournaments in 2016, winning an incredible six of those events.


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