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Who Is This Guy?


A long time ago, as dinosaurs roamed the earth, I was the youngest certified bowling teacher/coach in the United States. Time has passed, and that 17-year-old is now a gray-haired, very experienced teacher. But after all these years, my passion for the great sport of bowling is more intense now than it was back in the days when Beatles roamed the earth.

Bowling has changed since I started. New technologies and theories have made the sport much more complex than it was in years passed - and I've kept up with the times. I'm a certified United States Bowling Congress Silver Level Coach. This certification didn't come easily; it means I've successfully completed rigorous USBC instructional courses and passed intensive exams.


It is not a stretch to say that I prefer teaching to actually bowling. It's just so cool to see a student's face light up when something I've taught - some technique, perhaps - really works!! and those stubborn pins finally fall down. 


You Are...You!


Everyone is unique, so I tailor every lesson to the individual, not to some cookie-cutter idea of what is "right" or "wrong." I do focus on fundamentals - the cornerstone of any sport - but I also teach Bowling Balls 101, lane oil patterns (what they are and how they affect your game), lane play, and other aspects of the modern sport of bowling. And I make a point of being available by email and telephone to offer advice. I want every student to learn and to enjoy.


Tell me about you. Are you just starting out? I'll help you learn the fundamentals that will start you on the road to Strike City. Or are you an experienced bowler who's ready for that next level? I can analyze your game and help you make the changes you need.


Party Time?


Or maybe you're part of a group - social? church? office? - looking for something you can all do together. Bowling could be the answer: it's an inexpensive and fun team-building activity that doesn't require you to wear funny hats, sing 80's disco hits in a dimly-lit karaoke bar, or rappel down tall buildings with one hand tied behind your back. Better still, you don't have to be big, strong or fast in order to bowl. Whatever type of group you belong to, I'll get you and your team on the right track.


I look forward to hearing from you...even if you just want to "talk bowling." 

(415) 419-4501


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