Let's Watch Some Bowling!!

TWO Very Cool Videos to Watch... 

Start With Back-to-Back 300's on Live Television,

Then Scroll Down to See a Ball That Strikes Every Time.

From time to time I'll post some videos from waaaay back when...

Now in public domain, these are the shows that sparked my interest in bowling when I was a youngster. The quality isn't exactly up to modern standards, but they're all fun to watch.

Through November of 2019, there have been 35 United States Bowling Congress-sanctioned 900 series. Think about it: a 900 series means three consecutive 300 games. Besides these 35,  I personally know two people who have bowled a 900 series in competition that was not USBC-sanctioned. So, while a 900 series isn't exactly an everyday thing, it happens.

But prior to 1997, when the first 900 series was recognized by the American Bowling Congress (since folded into the USBC), consecutive 300 games were quite rare. And back-to-back 300's on live television? Never happened...until 1959, when legendary Ed Lubanski did it on live television. Check out this video of his amazing feat. (And notice the two-finger grip.)

OK, now how about a bowling ball that strikes EVERY TIME?!

A Practice Tip: Be Smart
Links You'll Love
Links You'll Love

Practice Smart


Let's say you're a competitive bowler who wants to improve. In order to improve, you practice a lot. But do you practice smart?


Practicing smart means setting goals, devising a plan to help you reach those goals, then taking action to put that plan in action. I call it The GPA Method.


It means you avoid distractions, like your friend who wants to sit down and tell you her sad story of how badly she bowled in league the other night.


It means you practice every chance you get, compete when possible, read every bowling publication and online magazine you can find, and always focus, focus, focus on your goals. 


It means you bowl by yourself, because if you're with someone else you will get distracted.


Bowling is fun, but competitive bowling adds another element: work. 


So get to it. It's worth the effort.

There's more. Just go to This Week's Tips.



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