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Hey! Testimonials!

This is cool. I write occasional articles for Bowling This Month, an online magazine. So imagine my surprise (and big grin) when this popped-up on the home page. Thanks, Jim.

Jeane DeK says...


“After my first lesson with you, I bowled 168, 200, 245! 245 is now my new high game. Your tweaks to my form have vastly increased the number of strikes I am able to bowl.”

Thanks, Jeane. I helped, but you did all the work. VERY nice bowling.

March 15, 2019 Update

Jeane says "I bowled my high game and series today: a 279 and a 636."


Congratulations again, Jeane. Don't stop now!

Tom C says...

“With the pointers you gave me, I was able to bowl my first 600 series in league. The new wrist position during my approach and release has really done wonders for my rev rate." 

Tom, I appreciate the kind words. The fact is, though, all I did was make a few're the guy who rolled the ball. Good going.

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