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July 9, 2023



It appears that coaching is not in the foreseeable future for me, as I do not have a place to give lessons. Two of my three "home centers" have gone out of business. Presidio Bowl remains, but that center has a booming business now that those other two centers - and now, Sea Bowl in Pacifica - are gone, and it is difficult to find a day and time to "fit me in" for several hours at a time on a weekend.

Weekday lessons at Presidio Bowl are still a possibility, but my schedule has changed markedly of late, so I have to sort of "regroup" and see what day or days may work.


Two things: (1) I know/know of a few coaches in the Bay Area, and I'm happy to make referrals for anyone, and (2) what do you think of low-cost video coaching? It's something I've done for a couple of students that has produced good results.


I will keep this Website active, and post any bowling news or tips I feel are worthwhile. I won't be sending emails unless something momentous happens, such as a new bowling center opening. In the meantime, as they say at the front desk, good luck and good bowling. 



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