Closer...Ever Closer to Freedom From This 

March 2, 2021

I hope this finds everyone well. We're just a couple of weeks short of one full year since our lockdown began. I know we're all sick of it, but I hope none of you are really sick. The good news is that vaccines are now available. We had our first Moderna shots on February 14 and 15--we couldn't get in on the same day--and we'll get our second shots on March 14 and 15. We're looking forward to the shots, but not the side-effects some of our friends have been experiencing. Kind of severe for some, not so much for others, but still...

Unfortunately, two more bowling centers have closed for keeps. The first was Cloverleaf Family Bowl in Fremont, which opened in 1959 and had been in the same family since 1961. A developer had purchased the property and was going to knock down the building (an old, sad story in itself), but COVID-19 hastened its departure.

This was a really nice center, very well-maintained. The other closure was Albany Bowl, which was opened in 1949 and has been owned by John Tierney since 1985. Really too bad. Again, a well-maintained family center: gone. Now, the Fremont area has no bowling centers and the Albany-El Cerrito-Berkeley area has no bowling centers. 


Two San Diego bowling centers have closed. Poway Fun Bowl announced last month it was closing its doors for good; its Website confirms the closing. Kearney Mesa Bowl announced yesterday that it was shuttering its doors.


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