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Whether you're aiming to become a professional bowler, need to sharpen your skills, or just want  to prepare for that grudge match against the guy in the next cubicle, maybe I can help. Just email or call for a no-cost consultation. 

Individual lessons are a popular option, best for bowlers wanting to take their skills to that next level.


Individual lessons are one hour in duration, but can be longer if the bowler wishes. "Split" lessons for two are OK, as long as the bowlers are equal in ability.

Recreational bowlers seem to like group lessons. (A "group" is three or four bowlers.)


Are you and your friends in an office league and really want that 1st Place trophy? Or do you and your wife just want to prepare for that Saturday night "grudge match" with your neighbors? 

I sometimes think my clinics should be called "holistic bowling." 


The goal here is to help you "put the pieces together." You'll learn how bowling is much more than just you and a ball, and how you can put the pieces together and be a Better Bowler.

Upcoming Lessons

Saturday, February 1

Diablo Valley Bowl - Concord

10:15am - 

11:25am - Linda

12:35pm - Sheila 

1:45pm - 


February 2

Presidio Bowl - San Francisco

9:15am - Aaron

10:25am - Sanford

11:35am - Butch

12:45pm - Shin

(415) 419-4501

(510) 457-1282



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