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Hey! Look What WE Did! or,

Students Struttin' Their Stuff

Bowling is a difficult sport. We have dozens of "must do" statements rattling around in our heads every time we step up on the approach: be careful to push the ball out, keep our eyes on our target, flex those knees - the list goes on. So, when we reach a goal or do something else worth mentioning - for example, a new high game or series, or a league championship - people should know. And now they will...


Here are some recent accomplishments by my students.

Josh Kaplan - 200 game (First one EVER!)

David Silberman - 221 game (Not bad for a guy who was having trouble breaking 150.)

Linda Fisher - 208 game (96 pins over her average! That's 96 pins!))

Tim Cushing - 290 game (11 consecutive strikes! 120 pins over his average! That's 12o pins!)

Melany Brandon - 585 series (More than just a good game...a good series! Well over her usual 510+/-)

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